Lindenwood Ministries is a registered charity with Revenue Canada, and has a profile on Canadahelps.

The original  home and property on Grey Road 17 was our first attempted service model:- a residential care home for young men (18-25 years old) who desire to be helped stabilize their lives.  We intended to find staff  to provide daily guidance to six residents at a time deal with their personal issues, develop fundamental life long healthy eating habits, explore and expand their faith, and learn vocational skills.   That model though required 4 staff to supervise 6 residents and proved to be unrealistic.

Bob Huehn continues to serve as both Chairman of the Board and  Acting CEO.  In  the fall of 2017 Bob guided the Board through the sale of the Grey Rd 17 property  and the pursuit of a new services delivery model focussed on the Bruce Peninsula.

Since the sale we made some advances in helping homeless and discouraged youth and adults on the Bruce Peninsula get the supports they need.  We want to reduce the number of people considering suicide and drug use by having them feel loved, more engaged and worthy!

On March 1st 2018  we held a community wide workshop on “Homelessness On the Bruce” where over 35 people attended including representatives of  various  service agencies  serving Grey Bruce residents.   A Training workshop was then held in May 2018 with over 20 attendees.